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This is a somewhat informal website where I document some of my hobbies and projects. I tinker with a lot of things, so you'll find a variety of topics here. I hope you find something interesting!

You'll see that the site is styled like GitHub - I use a Hugo theme called GitHub Style. I've found Hugo quite good for creating static websites, and the GitHub Style theme is a nice clean theme that I've modified slightly to suit my needs. My CV website is also built with Hugo, but I use a different theme for that site, namely, papermod - with a good few modifications.

Popular posts

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  2. A photogrammetry model of a group of ammonites.

  3. A photogrammetry model of a fossilised fern leaf.

  4. A photogrammetry model of a group of ammonites.

  5. Fake Mosasaur Jaw with partial real jaw bone and teeth and false matrix.

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